What we believe

St Peters Values

Our Mission and Vision

Our church’s mission is to connect people with Jesus Christ who offers us true hope and purpose.

Our core business is to:

  • Declare the Gospel
  • Worship and experience God’s presence
  • Learn from God’s Word
  • Care for God’s people (our ‘family’ in Christ)
  • Connect with God’s world

We want to make disciples who:

  • Know God as Father
  • Know the church as family
  • Grow in Jesus
  • Live lives transformed by the Holy Spirit
  • Serve in the church and community
  • Reach out with the Gospel to the wider community


We believe in the One God who is three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (‘the Trinity’).

We believe that God created the universe and that he especially created mankind in his image.

God loves each and every one of us more than we can imagine and yet the human race has turned its back on the Creator. We do this by living our lives ignoring God and by doing things our way not God’s way, which is what the Bible calls ‘sin’. Sin has disconnected us from our loving God and causes so much misery and inevitably death.

Because of his love, God sent his Son Jesus to restore our relationship with him and show us not only how to live but to give us life eternal. Jesus was born a normal human baby. He lived a life of truth and love for God and for others. To fulfil God’s plan to restore humanity, Jesus gave himself as an atoning sacrifice for our sins by dying on the cross, yet Jesus came to life again three days later in his resurrection and returned to heaven as God’s King. Jesus promised to return to judge the world which is plagued by injustice and evil.

The Bible says God calls us all make a decision to believe in Jesus or not. Those who choose to follow Jesus will live with him forever and those who choose to go their own way will have to give an account of their lives to the holy and just God without Jesus.

God’s word says if we believe in Jesus our Saviour and receive him as Lord, all our sins will be forgiven, we will receive eternal life as God’s free gift and God’s Holy Spirit will dwell in us. This good news is the gospel message that Christians want to share with others.

Being a Christian means following Jesus: living life God’s way not our way, with, thankfully, the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.