Could there be anyone more influential in human history than Jesus? For the past 2000 years he has captivated men and women across the planet, and some two billion people follow him today.

When he walked the earth, he made remarkable claims about himself.

“I am the way.”

“Anyone who has seen me, has seen God.”

“Come to me, and I will give you rest.”

“Your sins are forgiven.”

“Whoever loses their life for me will save it.”

And when he walked the earth, he did remarkable things: Stilled storms. Thousands healed. The dead raised.

According to those who saw him, he was a compelling figure. A man of unique authority and clarity—and yet a man despised by the authorities of the day. But their execution of him was not the end. Perhaps the most remarkable claim of all is that Jesus rose from the dead, and now rules as Lord over all. He will one day return to judge all people and bring restoration to our broken world.

In the meantime he offers forgiveness to all who turn to him, and put their trust in him. For in his death, he willingly took the just punishment of God that we all deserve for having rejected him.

If the claims of Jesus are true, there could be nothing more important than aligning our lives with this reality. And there could be nothing more wonderful than experiencing all that he gives: freedom from guilt, a secure identity, knowing “I am loved”, and knowing a glorious eternity awaits—a world of pure goodness, freed from all brokenness, hurt, death and tears.

And so, have you looked seriously into the claims of Jesus?

Have you engaged with the accounts of the New Testament—the eyewitnesses of his life and the life of the early church?

You might just find that, for the first time, you can find genuine purpose and hope in your life.

We would love for you to join us for an upcoming Life Series, to explore these questions more fully—and to find real, solid answers.

The Life Series runs for six weeks, on Sunday afternoons in the church foyer (1 Watling Pl). There is tasty food and good company, and plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion.

Our next Life Series begins on Sunday 24 July, from 3:30-5pm. It helps to let us know you are coming—or you can just turn up!